The Story of Big Bone Lick

The Story of Big Bone Lick is an educational story told by a talking horse that travels back in time to make friends with the ice age animals at the world famous Boone County Kentucky site where many mega beasts were first discovered in the 1700’s.

Tokey the talking horse is Blackmore’s mare that was honored by the Kentucky Legislature being named “Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Kentucky”. Many book fans travel to Jane’s Saddlebag to visit this horse that is always happy to see each visitor.

Readers journey along with Tokey and her friends Willie the Woolly Mammoth, Helen the Ice Age Horse, and Bison Bob to learn all the latest information about the last great Ice Age.

In all the young readers are exposed to 13 extinct Ice Age Giants to include the Short face Bear, Giant Beaver, Stag Moose, Flat headed Peccary, Columbian Mammoth, Mastodon, Ground Sloth, and the Saber Tooth Cat.

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